Images of an ancient bird have appeared in China for over 8000 years. Fenghuang are mythological birds found in Sinospheric mythology that reign over all other birds. The fenghuang is a symbol of virtue and grace.The first chapter of the Classic of Mountains and Seas , the "Nanshang-jing", states that each part of fenghuang's body symbolizes a word. The head represents virtue, the wing represents duty, the back represents propriety, the abdomen represents credibility and the chest represents mercy.

Phoenix and Dragon are the two of the most powerful symbols of success and prosperity in Chinese mythology, Dragon is the 'yin' while phoenix is the 'yang', a perfect balance that is needed for a successful married life.Now we have both of them in game Feng Huang!

This game has 30 fixed paylines, 2 types of bonus are named Phoenix and Dragon, get multiple occurrences of a symbol with the mini reels feature for additional wins. You have a amazing chance to access freespin feature where collects Phoenix and Dragon symbols to win a milestones prizes. Freespins bonus can be triggered again during freespins. Let's go to discover Feng Huang's world !

  • Game name FENG HUANG
  • Release Date 10/06/2021
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