Ancient Rome Deluxe

Take a journey return to the past in the 8th century BC, ANCIENT ROME DELUXE describes Roman civilization from the founding of the Italian city of Rome

Emperor Augustus , also known as Octavian was the first Roman emperor, reigning from 27 BC has consolidated a legacy as one of the most effective leaders in human history. Now you can try your luck with the brand new slot game ANCIENT ROME DELUXE to see will you receive a worthy reward from the king bestowed on you ?

Further more, during base game and freespins, if you get 6 or more BONUS symbols, the CONQUER feature will be trigger with 5 spins will be awarded. For each spin, you will have chances to obtain more BONUS symbols (once obtained, BONUS symbol stays on the cell and does not spin anymore) and gain 1 spin for each BONUS symbol obtained. And all of them will be added up at the end of the feature.

Not enough yet ? Don't worry, we have the WILD STAB feature for you. This feature will transform up to 5 symbols to WILD symbols at the end of the spin, to dramastically boost the win rate for you. It always triggers for every free spins and sometimes it triggers during main game too.

If that all sounds exciting, then why note give it a try ?

  • Game name Ancient Rome Deluxe
  • Release Date 27/10/2022
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